About Chaplain Rick Brewer


Serving in the Air Force was something that I thought was going to be my path and career in life... but God had other plans. While serving during Desert Storm I was exposed to toxic materials; my nervous system began to deteriorate. I lost the ability to walk for long distances as well as some other physical limitations. In the summer of 2010 a mild stroke led to a rapid decline in my health and mobility. I have always tried to make the best use of the time I can get up and around; I can, with some rest, function for short periods... I might be down, but certainly not out! I have worked for major car lines, owned and operated businesses, organized and worked within multiple ministries; refusing to be someones "problem" ... I focused on being the solution.

I may have just a little time left on this earth.. so I am going to make the most of it!

Mustang Missions - the history

Mustang Missions is a concept, a mindset and a realization that you can take something that your love... and use it for God's glory.

In the beginning

Automotives has always been in my blood. As early as 13, I worked weekends with my dad at the Mercedes dealership; I was a sponge. I listened and learned from the experts on what worked and what didn't. After I graduated high school I was working full time in the auto industry training and working for car lines such as Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagon, Sterling, Oldsmobile, BMW and Honda. I also worked at several parts houses such as Autozone, One Stop Auto and Advance Auto parts in some level of management.


There it was

While I was working as a business owner I came across a 1986 Mustang GT Convertible. It was sitting in someone’s front yard for $800. I bought that car, cleaned it up and swapped to a 1990 Anniversary Edition GT Convertible. I then began swapping cars through craigslist always moving toward the 125% profit mark until I purchased a 2000 Mustang GT Convertible. This '00 I customized heavily until I tapped out its Horsepower and traded it in on a 2008 GT Convertible and now to the 2012 GT Convertible. So from an '86 to a '12 I became a Mustang guy..


See a need, fill a need

It was when I had the 1986 GT that the opportunity presented itself. We were out talking to kids, inviting them to church; many of the "macho" kids kept saying no... until one day one kid said “I’ll go to church, if I can go in that!” So began Mustang Missions. We soon developed it into a reward program as well as a ride incentive. We would have a competition between the kids for a day out in the 'Stang; they would needto be faithful in attendance, bringing their Bible, memory verses and naturally.. behaving in class. The winner would get dinner and a cruise in the 'Stang.


American Muscle is known all over the world

One night at a missions Conference the Pastor ask me to drive the Missionary from the Philippines to Cracker Barrel.. He started to call his wife.. take selfies... When I ask him what was up.. he said he had never gotten to ride in an American Muscle car before. When we got to Cracker Barrel he began to tell the other missionaries about the car ride.. so I spent the evening giving joy rides... Now Missionaries look forward to a visit to our church; to experience a little American Muscle.

The Next Level

So now we want to take this concept and share it with the world. Do you have a Muscle Car? Show car? How about using it to bring kids to church? We are dealing with a generation that has been taught that Church is boring! Show them that being a Christian is the most exciting thing you can be! Combine your love of cars and passion for souls and put some HORSEPOWER into your outreach!

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Mustang Missions


Recently we've upgraded from a our 2008 Mustang GT Convertible - Grabber Orange to a 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible sporting 412 HP - Black. (Approx 300 produced in this options package)