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Mustang Missions – The History

Mustang Missions is a concept, a mindset and a realization that you can take something that your love… and use it for God’s glory.

In the beginning

Automotives has always been in my blood. As early as 13, I worked weekends with my dad at the Mercedes dealership; I was a sponge. I listened and learned from the experts on what worked and what didn’t.

After I graduated high school I was working full time in the auto industry training and working for car lines such as Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagon, Sterling, Oldsmobile, BMW and Honda. I also worked at several parts houses such as Autozone, One Stop Auto and Advance Auto parts in some level of management.

In addition to my professional path I had a side business doing custom electronics, stereos and fabrication.

There it was

While I was working as a business owner I came across a 1986 Mustang GT Convertible. It was sitting in someone’s front yard for $800. I bought that car, cleaned it up and swapped to a 1990 Anniversary Edition GT Convertible.

I then began swapping cars through craigslist always moving toward the 125% profit mark until I purchased a 2000 Mustang GT Convertible.

The ’00 I customized heavily until I tapped out its horsepower and decided to trade it in on a 2008 GT Convertible. After a short while I chose to go back to the 5.0 and purchased a 2012 GT Convertible. A few years later after 5 Mustang GT Convertibles I decided to go Fastback and purchased a 2020 GT performance pack. So from an ’86 to a 2020: I became a The Mustang Guy.


See a need, fill a need

It was when I had the 1986 GT that the opportunity presented itself. We were out talking to kids, inviting them to church; many of the “macho” kids kept saying no… until one day one kid said “I’ll go to church, if I can go in that!”

So began Mustang Missions. We soon developed it into a reward program as well as a ride incentive. We would have a competition between the kids for a day out in the ‘Stang; they would need to be faithful in attendance, bringing their Bible, memory verses and naturally.. behaving in class. The winner would get dinner and a cruise in the ‘Stang.

Mustangs we have owned…

23rd TAW Tribute Build